Video  consultation or telephone consultation:

These are for anyone with a new pup or an adult dog that has had no training whatsoever or a new rescue dog. These are done via messenger video and will last for one hour. A phone consultation can be 30 mins to an hour.

Pre Vaccine one to one package:

This is suitable for puppies that have not yet had their vaccines and cannot go out. It is a series of 3x1 hour sessions. The first session is via video and will last one hour. The 2nd and third will take place at our venue or out and about once puppy has had vaccines and can go out.

New Puppy already vaccinated one to one Package:

This package contains 2 x 1 hour sessions.  Two face to face session consults & training with you and your puppy once puppy is allowed to go out. 

Behaviour consultation for puppy or adult dog:

This is for anything that cannot be covered at a class, where you need that one to one help. These will take place out and about or in our venue. 

One to one dog training :

This takes place in a suitable location and is 1 or 2 hours.This will cover more than you can in a training class, as the session will be tailored to you and your dogs needs. No two dogs are the same.

Fast track package:

If you cannot make Puppy classes, no problem. we can do puppy sessions in a suitable location near us on a day to suit. Each lesson will last 1 hour and can be done during the day Monday to Sunday. This is a set of 3 sessions. Which will cover some of the things we teach in our classes and tailored to your puppy. This package will also cover any questions you have and any relevant handouts.

 Recall session:

A 2 hour  morning or afternoon in the park. We will cover whistle training, come away from distractions, impulse control & focus exercises.  

Lead walking one to one:

This is for you If you have an adult dog or puppy that pulls. A one hour session.

 Reactive dog:

Programme 1: for dogs that are dog reactive.

This will be 3 sessions over 12 weeks.  Each session will be 1 hour long. The fee will cover Pre consultation assessments of what is required. Post session admin to cover the work required for us to progress. Demos and your program. Your first session will be via video consult, the second and the third will be at our venue or out and about or at your home, depending on each individual case.  You will also receive my training pack via email and an invite to our fb group for extra support. Continuity sessions may be advised.  Please note when working with a reactive dog you need to give your full attention to your dog. This means you will not be able to bring children to the  one to one.

Programme 2: for dogs that are dog reactive . This is a 2 hour session at your home and out and about and then  a 1 hour follow up within 6 weeks. 

programme 3: for dogs that are dog and people reactive: 1 hour one to one online via video or phone consult. Followed by 2 x1 hour sessions out and about. All three need to be taken within 12 weeks

 Refresher classes or sessions:

This is for anyone that has done classes in the past whether with me already and you just need a refresher. These are a set of 2 and will be done either at our venue or out and about.

One off 30 mins session:

This is for anyone that is not sure if there dog can attend a class. This is where Julie will assess  if  your dog is ready to join a class and advise which class will suit your dog best, or suggest one to ones to prep your dog ready for classes. This will take place near one of our venues.

Home visits:

Please note we are now taking home visit bookings, but these will only be done indoors at your home if everyone present is wearing a maks and windows are opened. if you cannot wear a mask or choose not too, then please speak to us for alternative options.

For further details on our services please give us a call.

Please note due to a high demand we only take bookings accompanied by a payment. Payments are non refundable and only transferable if we are given 24 hours notice.

By booking our services you are agreeing that you have read, understood and are happy with our T&C.