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               Julie Keegan Dog Trainer

                                               Dog & Puppy training services 

                                        Beginners Agility & Gundog lessons    

                 Dog & Puppy Classes running in Luton on Monday & Thursday evenings & Flitton on a Saturday afternoon

Beginners Gundog classes classes now running  on a Saturday afternoon in Flitton.

Beginners Agility is indoors in winter running on a Monday and Thursday evening In Luton, but In the summer they will be in Flitton in our secure paddock as well.

we also offer one to one sessions in and around Herts, Beds and Bucks and many surrounding areas


If contacting us via our message form please also enclose a contact number as sometimes emails bounce back thank you.

At Keegans-Knines puppy classes and dog classes, we develop all aspects of on and off the lead control. Our aim is to help you and your dog  achieve a long and happy partnership through training and or 1-2-1 sessions. We aim to help you understand your dog's needs and to develop a well mannered dog . Our classes now take place inside and outside.  You will get lots of individual help at our classes.

We teach you how to bond, communicate and and have fun with your dog using simple and kind methods. All dogs and owners are individuals, what works for one may not work for another, so we find a way that will work for you and your dog. Training needs to be fun for the owner and the dog as well. You will learn how to train and understand your dog in a friendly atmosphere and the control needed for a happy relationship.

Our goal is to help you create an "everywhere" dog.  A dog that you feel happy to take anywhere whether it be the park, or to a friend or family members house.

Humans and dogs are very similar, we both need mental and physical stimulation and companionship. Just like us they can develop bad habits when they are bored. Dogs are constantly learning whether they go to a training class or not, so make sure your dog is learning the correct behaviours. Start the way you mean to go on, set the rules from day one with your pup and be consistent, patient and clear. Prevention is always better than  cure.  Having a dog is fun, if you feel that you are no longer enjoying your dog, or he has developed bad habits, you do not have to put up with it, give us a call and we can help you.   may2

Our Puppy training & Dog training classes both now take place on a Monday and Thursday evening and Saturday afternoons.

Between classes advice is available via email. via facebook or phone. please do not phone after 9pm or before 9am thank you.

The Puppy can attend our classes once they have had their vaccines. For free dog and pup tips most days, visit us on fb or twitter.





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