Telephone Consultions

 Telephone consultations 

 We offer a 1 hour consultation at the time and day of your choice. During this call I will determine the cause of the behaviour and what might be reinforcing it. 

 During the call you will be given practical advice and lots of tips. 

 After your first call you will get a typed up tailor made plan specific to your needs. This will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the call ending for you to carry on putting into practice the advice we give. You will also receive a 30 mins follow up call free of charge to see how you are doing.

 These calls are ideal for dogs or puppies and we can cover things like mouthing/play biting, food manners, crate training, basic obedience, Seperation anxiety, fear of fireworks, phobias, nuisance barking, lead walking, recall, car travel, over excitement when visitors visit your home, food manners, obedience training and more. 

 These calls are suitable for anyone with time constraints and offers you significant cost savings due to taking away the need for my time traveling to you. For more information on this service give us a call with no obligation.